By making use of both local MLS networks and various advertisements in magazines and main Italian and foreign portals with which we are well indexed, we are able to have a greater chance of finding the right buyer.

We offer advice for a correct valuation of the property by providing comparative estimates of your property with others with similar characteristics for sale or recently sold;

We provide the list and our activities with customers who have made visits to your property;

We provide complete assistance up to the final contract, from the conditional purchase proposal based on specific needs to the resolution of technical and financial problems.

Rest assured that my agency and I will do everything possible to sell your property, making use of marketing on specialized foreign magazines and portals, which allow us to optimize the chances of selling the property also to foreign customers.

All this in compliance with current regulations.

  • Professional photo shoot, vitual tour and emotional video;
  • Analysis of documentation necessary for the sale;
  • Preparation of a comparative estimate with other properties sold in the area;
  • Tailor-made advertising marketing plan.

At this point, you will have all the necessary elements to decide whether to sell or not and if you want we will proceed together with the next steps. Which? Build the image with which your property will present itself on the market; implement the marketing strategy to reach the ideal buyer, in Italy or abroad and conduct a winning negotiation to sell your property.

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