Hi, I'm Carlo Romano, my agency is called Valdelsa Real Estate and my personal experience in the real estate world began in 2008, leaving "the permanent position" and a routine that was close to me, I decide to become part of a well-known franchise in the area with several collaborators and a close, but fair competition. I immediately realize that I have a great passion for this sector and therefore in 2009 I obtained the qualification and enrollment in the role of business agents in mediation, making it the first of my course. Subsequently, I continue my activity as an agent and in 2010, I move from large franchising to a family-run agency, to have a different perspective in carrying out this profession. Finally, in 2015 the big decision, to open my own business, having gained what for me was the necessary experience to be able to operate at 360 degrees.

My skills to date concern all real estate services, I follow the customer in all the steps of the sale or lease, starting from the documentary control of the property to the post-sale / rental obligations relating to the handling of practices relating to utilities.

For the lease, I carry out a careful analysis of the potential tenant, also resorting to financial reliability programs, all to guarantee you a peaceful lease with continuity of payments, while the potential tenant provides assistance in all phases from the contract to the utilities.

For the sale, I create an accurate image of your property with professional photo shoot, virtual tour and emotional video, in addition to advertising on the main Italian and foreign channels, in order to optimize the probability of selling your property. For the buyer assistance, advice, suggestions and everything that can allow to live with serenity this moment as important as the choice of a home.

I also carry out consultancy for real estate auctions.