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Toscana più conveniente per gli amici del regno unito

Inserito da Carlo Romano su 6 Gennaio 2015
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Tuscany property now cheaper for Brits, as pound hits 7-year high


Are you a Brit thinking of buying a Tuscany property? If so, it may interest you to know that purchasing an Italian villa will now set you back considerably less, because the pound has hit a 7-year high versus the euro, at 1.2911.

What this means for you is that, when you exchange currencies to buy a Tuscany villa, you’ll receive far more euros.

For example, if you were to exchange £125,000 for a Tuscany villa, you’d now receive +€20,000 more than if you’d done so back in March 2013, when the pound was far weaker.

So, buying a luxury Tuscany villa is now much more affordable than any time in the recent past. From a currency point of view, it’s the ideal time to purchase an Italian property!

By Peter Lavelle at foreign currency broker Pure FX. For expert currency advice

Attenzione questo articolo è stato scritto e redatt, prima dell’entrata in vigore della Brexit e dell’emergenza Covid.

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