In a market phase, such as the present one, in which the greater supply of rental properties meets a lower willingness to spend by potential tenants, the owners must try to contract reliable tenants, who can guarantee continuity in payments. The certainty of being paid is a fundamental element since the procedures for arrears currently advise against any clash with the tenants.

The agency offers its clients,  careful analysis of the conductor potential, previous veirifichiamo lease relationships, income and any protests, prejudicial as well as a general assessment of creditworthiness aspirant tenant, with a risk analysis reports, to guarantee you a peaceful lease and a continuity of payments.

We personally take care of the drafting of the rental proposal or the stipulation of the rental contract, according to your needs, drawing up the inventory of the furniture detailed with photos, now very useful in case of release of the property with damage, electronic registration of the any subsequent obligations, as well as all practices relating to utilities.

  • Drafting of the contract based on your needs and electronic registration;
  • Documentation retention for the next 5 years in case of loss;
  • Careful analysis of the conductor potential;
  • Drafting of the inventory both listed and photographic;
  • Transfer or reactivation of all utilities of the property.

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